tirsdag 6. januar 2009

Bug in how VS/VSTestHost loads symbols?

I have started running source server on our TFS build box. (blog about that later) and I just noticed a peculiarity in how the symbol files where loaded during a "Debug Checked Deploed Tests".

The two different findings arise when downloading the testresults from a team build.

It seems that when I started with an empty Visual Studio and from there opened the downloaded testrun the "Debug Checked Deployed Tests" handled the source server brialliantly and the debugger broke inside a copy of the versioned item, as expected.

However, when i HAD MY SOLUTION OPEN IN VISUAL STUDIO and the debugger breaks, it claims that there is no source available and the only choice it gave me was to open the dissambly. Now I',m curious so I open the Modules window, and there I see that the loaded pdb files are the correct ones (or so it seems). I open them in Notepad and they look correct.

Now the really strange thing happens when I hit F5. I get breaked at the next failing test and there everthing is ok, I get the downloaded versioned item opened and the debugger breaks at the correct location(?!?). Gotta investigate more on this. For now I will just list it as another mystery.

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